Thursday, May 26, 2016

Memorial Day Sale - SL MARKETPLACE Only!

L&B is proud to announce that we were chosen to participate in a SL Marketplace Memorial Day Sale sponsored by Linden Lab!

For the first time ever - Starting Friday, May 26th through Monday, May 30th - selected popular items from our clothing store will be ON SALE!

Select items will have a yellow Summer Sale banner on the advert picture and will be marked down between 30 - 35%.

Only available on MarketplaceSL - and only for the Memorial Day weekend!

Sale starts at midnight SLT tonight - so watch for the start of the sale and check for the Summer Sale logo on the adverts!

There are items for the ladies and the guys - check the details to see which bodies each item will work best with, but there should be something for everyone!

Friday, May 13, 2016

New! Womens Zipp Leather Jacket!

We've just released a new cropped jacket! Zipp Leather has modern, trendy style with zips and straps PLUS optional studs on the lapels! Includes Maitreya Lara, SLINK Hourglass, and SLINK Physique fit mesh sizes plus standard sizes for Classic Avatars.

Comes with AddOn Bra Tube Top and AddOn Tank Top PLUS a fantastic HUD that gives:

25 Plain Leather colors
23 Color Blocked Leathers that go super well with the Zipp Leather Pants
15 PVC colors for the AddOn Bra
11 Graphic Tanks
10 Plain color Tanks
5 metal options for the Jacket
And On/Off options for the lapel Studs!

Free Demos available - PLEASE make sure to always test a DEMO, especially with fit mesh sizes!

Shown here with the Maitreaya Mesh Body, Argrace Mayu Hair, Zipp Leather Pants and Carissa Ankle Boots.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

L&B @ TMD:May Retro Graphics T-shirts!

It's The Men's Department time - the May Event opened today at noon SLT!

After alot of requests for new T-shirts and with the coming warm weather.. we though you guys would enjoy some Retro Graphics Tees!  Same build as our Classic T-Shirt but with 30 new Graphics Tees - AND new Slink Male body mesh sizes!

All shirts come in both Tucked and Untucked Sizes. Aesthetic mesh body sizes are also included and they come in regular tucked & untucked plus muscle tucked & untucked.

Fatpack has 30 designs - with AES / SLINK / Classic Std Sizes and is discounted until the end of the month.

ONLY at TMD through May, you can get single color 4 packs in your choice of Red, Blue, Green OR Neutral. These have all the sizes but only 4 Graphic T-shirt options in each pack.

Free demos for all packs! Demos are also available at our Mainstores on Evocative so you can try without lag.


Saturday, April 30, 2016

New! Womens Zipp Leather Pants Fatpack - updated!

New! Zipp Leather Pants for women - now with Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique and Hourglass fit mesh sizes!

We not only have updated this set to include the new body sizes, but we've added in the color panel versions similar to the men's set and combined all of the color options into one huge HUD!

If you previously purchases the women's Leather Zipp Pants - Color set or the B&W Set - just rezz your updaters to get a new copy of the mega fatpack.

The new set comes with a HUD that gives you 25 plain leather colors, 21 color panel leather verions, 3 additional leather choices, plus bonus plaid, pinstripe, camo and pvc. Also comes with 5 zipper metal options.

We have still included the original rigged standard sizes too for Classic Avatars. Try the free demo to test the new sizes!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

New! Ranger Shirts for Men!

This is the same style Ranger shirt from TMD, but we've reworked the models and added in more textures!  Still comes with AES, SLINK and Classic fit mesh plus standard size rigged mesh all in the same bag!

Now you get not only the 9 plaid long sleeve shirt options, but you also will get 8 plain shirts w/ patches along with the t-shirt options (8 plain and 10 graphics).

IF you purchased the Ranger Plaid FATPACK at TMD, just set out your updater box and you will get this new version as a free update!


Saturday, April 9, 2016

L&B @ The 100 Block Event - Triskelion Hoop Earrings

L&B @ The 100 Block Event - hosted by Depraved Nation.

Starts today at 6 PM SLT - a whole sim full of urban fashion and accessories. Each store will have at least one exclusive new item that will be on sale ONLY at the event through the end of the month.

L&B is proud to be a co-sponsor again this year! Our exclusive event item is the Swear Triskelion Earring Fatpack.

Celtic themed hoop earrings with a stone cabochon dangle and trisk with gemstone accent. Comes with a HUD for 6 metal options (silver, gunmetal, platinum, antique gold, beaten gold, and weathered copper) pluse 5 gemstones (diamond, emerald, ruby, citrine, and aquamarine) and 12 stones (Agate, Onyx, Lace Agate, Ocean Jasper, Amethyst, Carnelion, Amber, Malachite, Tiger Iron, Turquoise, Snowflake Obsidian and Labradorite).

Event priced - grab a set for yourself or send one as a gift to that special lady in your life.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Update - Capri Denim Jeans!

Just in time for Spring and Summer.. our popular Capri Denims have just been updated! 

That's right.. completely new builds, improved textures and options.. AND now they include fit mesh sizes for Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique, and Slink Hourglass bodies!

The texture hud now gives you 14 plain denim options with 6 pocket choices each, 4 print denim versions, along with 5 plaid cuff options, optional double belt with 26 leathers and 5 buckle metals!

You seriously won't need another set of denim capris!

Works perfectly with many of our tops and footwear options - grab a demo to test out the new fit and sizes!  Grab your set today.

If you previously purchased the Capri Traditional Denims - rezz your updater box for a free update or contact Isobel Belfire for assistance.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

L&B @ TMD April: Ranger Cargo Pants!

The Men's Department Event for April starts today! (April 5th). We have a fantastic special edition set of our men's cargo pants for sale at a discount.

Ranger Cargo Pants come in a discounted FatPack - Standard Rigged sizes plus NEW Aesthetic and Slink mesh body sizes all in the same package! Disounts and Singles are ONLY available during the event.

Fatpack has 3 themed versions, 6 plain colors (green, olive, blue, slate blue, black and plain green camo), and 6 patched versions along with 7 belt colors and 5 buckle metals.  The Themes, black and camo are all exclusive to the FatPak.  499 L$

We also have Singles available ONLY at the event for 199 L$ - They come in your choice of Green, Olive, Blue or Slate Blue in plain and patched versions along with 3 belt colors.

TMD - April will go through the end of the month.. Demo's available for singles AND the fatpack - so give them a try.  Test out the new Slink and AES fit mesh sizes.

DEMOS available at our main store as well if you want to fight the opening day lag!

Monday, April 4, 2016

New! Boho Blouse Set Update!

The Boho Blouse goes so perfectly with the Boyfriend Jeans.. that we just updated the set!

It now comes with fit mesh sizes for Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique & Slink Hourglass and some updated new retro and brocade textures!

Available as a free update to those ladies that already owned the set - just rezz your update boxes.

Available in world on on MP.. grab a free demo if you would like to test out the new fit mesh sizes!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Boyfriend Jeans! New Builds & Textures (Free Update)

Paul has taken the time to completely remake the Boyfriend Jeans - better builds, brand new upgraded textures, more options AND now fit mesh sizes for Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique & Slink Hourglass.

AND he's decided to give this out as a free update!  That's right, if you previously purchased the Boyfriend Jeans you get the update for free. What a way to celebrate Spring !

Sexy new Boyfriend jeans - stolen from your favorite guy's closet only to be cuffed and fitted by you for your own wardrobe! Slightly less curvy than our regular jeans, these still drape you softly and come in awesome options:

*Two cuffed lengths Regular and Flats for wearing with different shoes/or feet.

*NEW! 8 Plain Denim colors from Black to Lt Blue, 5 Grunge versions with Ripped, Weathered and even Patched options.

*25 Leather Belt options plus 5 new Buckle metals

*NEW! Optional 5 Plaid cuff colors.

*NEW! Fit Mesh for Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique, and Slink Hourglass mesh bodies.

This is the perfect set to move you from winter to summer. Work really well with most of our tops and jackets.  **if you previously purchased the older version of the Boyfriend Jeans, just rezz your updater box to get a new set. Contact Isobel Belfire if you need assistance in getting the update**

Free Demo available to test out the new fit mesh sizes - grab your set today!

*Shown above with the Boho Peasant Blouse and Carissa Boots*

Friday, March 18, 2016

New! Candy Tube Top Fatpack

New! Candy Tube Top Fatpack now on sale!

Just out tonight, sexy bandeau style Tube Top with front zipper - available ONLY for Maitreya and Slink mesh bodies.  (Comes in fit mesh for three body styles: Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique, and Slink Hourglass exclusively.)

You get a massive fatpack hud of 21 leather options, 11 PVC choices and 16 bonus sequin styles!

Perfect to pair with our leather leggings for a night at the club - this set will work year round.

Available in world or on SL Marketplace. Grab a free demo and then pick up your set!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

L&B @ Luck of the Irish Gacha Event!


      L&B @ Luck of the Irish Gacha Event! Opens TODAY at 3pm SLT.  The event will be open until after March 27th.

      We worked super hard all week to create some fantastic, exclusive, new jewelry just for this event. All items are 100% original design - no templates or kits are used in L&B mesh jewelry.  All items will be Transfer, No Copy, No Mod and will contain EZ Fit Plus reiszer with stretch scripting (deletable).

There are three L&B gacha machines:

1# Charms Collection Necklaces
75 L$ per chance, 10% chance for a rare item.
3 Rare items, 12 Common

2# Celtic Knot Collection Jewelry
50 L$ per chance, 10% chance for a rare item.
5 Rare items, 20 Common

3# Ogham Unisex Necklaces
30 L$ per chance - All items are common.
26 different Ogham symbols to collect.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

L&B @ TMD March! Plaid Shirts for Men

L&B @ TMD March! The Mens Department opens for the March round today at noon!

We have a great new men's plaid shirt with attached t-shirt on sale ONLY at The Men's Department for March.

This is a brand new item - with a loose fitting plaid longsleeve shirt layered over a long sleeve t-shirt. (You can not wear the plaid shirt alone - they are one piece). You get Slink, Aesthetic, and Classic avatar fitmesh sizes for men along with bonus standard sizes too all in one set!

Available in a fatpack with 9 plaid options and 18 t-shirt versions for just 399 L$. That's a discounted price good only through March.

If you would rather have a single plaid shirt - there are 4 single options Jade, Plum, Tan or Brown. The Single versions are only 199 L$ and come with the single plaid color shirt and 6 T-shirt options. The Singles are only available during TMD.. they will not be sold in our store after the event.

Grab a free demo - then snap up that fatpack at a great price.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Women's Leather Leggings Now on Sale!

Now for something a bit different - playful leather leggings in a wide selection of colors (via HUD).

Includes Maitreya, Slink and Std Sizes for the ladies!

Something nice to wear with alot of different tops or jackets - and should play well with many types of shoes.

Give the free demo a try then grab you set for only 399 L$.


Saturday, February 20, 2016

New! Women's Aviator Leather Jackets

Now on sale - the Women's version of the Aviator Jackets!

Ladies, your patience has been rewarded.. you get a sexy cropped style Aviator Jacket with double wool collar, open front with sewn seams, straps and zips. Peak a boo Bra Tube Top in PVC and nice basic tank top are both included as AddOns for the jacket.

Fitmesh sizes are provided in Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique & Hourglass, and for Classic avatars too (plus standard sizes). That's right.. we've added HOURGLASS!

You'll also get a HUD with 22 leather colors, 21 tank top options (all new colors and graphics), 15 PVC colors and 5 jacket hardware options.  This is a great addition to your Winter wardrobe - but with the AddOns you can get alot of wear most of the year too!

Don't forget, most of you will be able to wear the jacket alone too - for a smexy casual look.

Grab a free demo - then pick up your set!

Friday, February 5, 2016

L&B @ The Men'sDept for February!

L&B @ TMD February Event - Special Edition "Vintage Aviator" Leather Jackets for men.

The Men's Department event just started today for February and we are proud to have a Special Edition Vintage Aviator jacket set on sale through the end of the month.  These Special Edition jackets are currently on sale ONLY at TMD.

FatPack set features 6 leather options (2 exclusives weathered brown and cracked black along with cracked Jade, Blue, Olive and Tan) along with a T-shirt AddOn that comes with 18 shirt options (including 10 new t-shirt themes).   The FatPack is 499 L$ during the event.

Single color jacket sets have ONE leather color but still get the T-Shirt Addon. The Single color set HUD gives you 6 shirt options.  These come in your choice of Tan, Olive, Blue OR Jade.  The single sets run 299 L$ and will only be sold at the TMD event.

Drop by to try the free demos and then pick up your favorite set!

Friday, January 22, 2016

New! Men's Aviator Leather Jackets - Full Color Sets!

This is our full NON-limited set of the Aviator Jackets for men. Comes with Aesthetic, SLINK Male, and Classic Avatar fit mesh all in the same bag! All sizes come with Untucked T-shirt and Hoodie AddOns! Bonus Standard Size rigged mesh also included for the harder to fit avatars.

You get a HUD for 19 colors in leather, 10 hoodie options, 18 T-shirt options, and 5 Jacket hardware metals.

This is THE winter jacket for the season - beautiful wool double collar accent and trim, leather straps and more.

Grab yours, get warm and enjoy the snow! Free DEMO available. The full set is 699 L$ for a winter's worth of looks.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

L&B@Project Limited 2016- Now OPEN!

L&B @ Project Limited!
Available today we have our limited edition items - exclusive to Project Limited:

***Men's Themed Aviator Jackets:***
599 L$ - Classic/SLINK/AES and Std Size all in the same set.
Jacket +Untucked T-shirt AddOn plus HUD
One theme plus two plain leathers!
Available in the following themes (only 150 copies of each mens theme jacket will be sold):
Tribal Lobo, Voodoo, El Toro, Lobo Royale, OR Warrior!

***Women's Themed Cropped Jackets:***
499 L$ - Maitreya/SLINK Physique and Std Size all in the same set.
Jacket+TubeTop AddOn plus HUD
One theme plus two plain leathers!
Available in the following themes (only 150 copies of each mens theme jacket will be sold):
Tribal Lobo, Voodoo, Gypsy, OR Dia De Muertos!

ONLY available until they are all sold out! Only on the Metropolis Sim in Second Life.
These may NOT be sent as gifts and are not transferable. Free Demos available for all versions.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

KittyCats! Advent Calendar 2015 L&B FREE Gift!

L& B is happy to be participating in the KittyCats Advent Calendar event again this year.

Our date to provide a free gift is the 20th of Dec. That's right, tomorrow!

Our FREE gift is a beautiful set of earrings that match our recently released necklace. It comes with a HUD that gives you 6 metals, 4 holiday coins and 5 gemstone options!

Drop by the KittyCatS! Sim to grab a copy of all the great free gifts provided this holiday season.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

L&B@ FROST by Depraved Nation

FROST exclusives from L&B

Today FROST opened and we have some holiday Coin Necklaces for our exclusive item!

Brand new mesh necklaces - feature ~ 20 inch chains with Holiday Coin pendants. HUD gives you 6 metal choices for the chains and 4 Coin options.  These are available in Women's (classic & mesh avatars) or in Men's (classic & mesh avatars).

The necklaces are non-rigged mesh so may be resized and stretched to get your perfect fit. The women's version comes with pre-sized versions for Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique and Classic Avatars.  The men's version comes with pre-sized versions for Aesthetic Male, Slink Male, and Classic Avatars.  Depending on your custom shape, you will probably need to make minor adjustments via the HUD using the resizer and stretch.

During the Event they are each 399 L$ - you may gift them via the vendor gift menu.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Friday, December 11, 2015

New! Women's Double Belt Denim Jeans!

    Paul has just finished his completely new women's jeans! The first out is this fantastic set that comes with a double wrap leather belt. These are in a classic straight leg style - not too slim nor too flared. You will get three lengths in the package (Bootie, Standard, and Long) so you can mix and match with more footwear options.

This set comes in Standard Size Rigged mesh in XXS, XS, SM, MED and LRG as well as our new Maitreya Lara Fitted Mesh and SLINK Physique Fitted Mesh.  The belt is optional and may be turned on or off depending on your mood.

A super HUD is included with 14 different denims ( Black, Slate, Dark Blue, Medium Blue, Classic Blue, Light Blue and Jade Blue - all in both plain and rough versions) Each color also comes with 6 different pocket options! That's over 80 different pairs of jeans!  The HUD also will give you 26 different leather belt options along with 5 metal buckle choices.

Grab a demo today to check out this new fit and style!

Friday, December 4, 2015

New! AESTHETIC Modern Open WHITE Tuxedo!

Just in time for the holidays!  Paul just finished the White versions of our very popular Modern Open Tuxedo for Aesthetic Mesh Bodies!

Same great look, now with the White options - comes with Jackets ranging in white to cream to white w/ black trim.  Pants versions range from white to cream to white w/black trim and black!

The White Edition texture HUD gives you 3 shirt options, and 4 vest, tie, and pocket square options.

As with all other Modern Tuxedo 2.0 suits, this one is compatible with any Modern Tux 2.0 AddOns you may already own!

This set is perfect for holiday parties and weddings - or for the man that needs the perfect white suit for his wardrobe.

*shown above with the separately sold Buckled Loafer Dress shoes.

Happy Holidays from L&B!

Friday, November 13, 2015

New! "Patrol" Leather Boots for Men!

These are the taller, tougher cousin to our recently released Ranger boots. Patrol Boots feature the same great leather, buckles, lacing, stitching but in a taller, rigged style for men.

These are a more traditional style combat boot - perfect to wear with cargo shorts! Comes with both smooth, clean leather as well as scuffed, worn leather options. 31 Leather colors are included.

In the same set you get 6 Standard Rigged Sizes, 4 Aesthetic Mesh Body Rigged Sizes and a bonus *ShoeOnly* version that is more pants friendly. (*ShoeOnly* version is NOT rigged and may be resized and refitted as needed.)

As will regular rigged mesh, you may not resize the tall boots. However we have included many size options so you will be able to get the fit that you need. *Give the free demo a try to be sure you love the fit*

We have tested these with classic avatars, Slink Physique Male mesh bodies and Niramyth Aesthetic mesh bodies.

Available in world or on SLMarketplace - grab a demo today!

Friday, October 30, 2015

New! "Candy" Platform Sneakers for Women

That's right, we have just released our full set of Platform sneakers. Sexy platform sole, sweet detailed retro style sneaker that features a zippered side, lacing, and detailed stitching.

The tongue and back seam feature a star motif and the platform sole has color contrast.

Comes in non-rigged, resizable + stretch mesh - along with our fantastic HUD! You will get 17 canvas color choices, 9 quilted cloth options, 2 lace colors and 5 hardware metal options.

Grab a quick demo - then get your set! The Candy colors are both trendy and retro - perfect to update your favorite jeans or mini skirt.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

L&B@FREAKSHOW - Sneakers Gachas!

Paul did some brand new, fantastic sneakers!  The are non-rigged with resizer+stretch so most avatars should be able to wear them.

There is a gacha for guys and another for gals, but honestly they are unisex if you are willing to refit them.

The Men's Gacha has 18 versions: 13 common and 5 rare.   3 of the rare versions have specialized soles along with unique theme.

The Women's Gacha hs 19 versions: 14 common and 5 rare. 3 of the rare versions have a platform sole.

Each Gacha is 75 L$ per chance and a 10% chance of a rare with each try.

FREAKSHOW is open NOW - so go try your luck!  Only at the Metropolis sim

L&B@FREAKSHOW Gacha Carnival!

L&B is proud to be a co-sponsor for the 2015 FREAKSHOW Gacha Carnival!  We had alot of fun making some new items for the event.

One of our gacha vendors is the Tarot Card Necklace gacha:

Unisex necklaces with resizer+stretch so nearly any avatar can wear them. 

There are 18 total versions: 16 common plain single card necklaces and two rare specialty necklaces. The RARE necklaces come with additional pendants on the leather cord and a HUD with resizer, 3 tarot card options, and 11 stone choices!

Each try on the gacha is 50 L$ with a 10 % chance of a rare item.

Available only at the FREAKSHOW event - now OPEN!

Friday, October 9, 2015

New! Womens Ranger Boots now available!

The ladies have been patiently waiting for their version of the Ranger Boots and they are now in the store!  Same great style as the men's version but in the L&B women's color palette!

Mix and match these with your favorite leather - go fresh and new with the bold leather colors or a bit more grunge with the worn leather options. Either way these are fashion forward - color combat boots are super hot right now!

We recommend mixing these sexy beasts with a mini skirt and jacket.. watch out world!

HUD gives you 42 leather variations, 5 metal options and resize ability.

Grab these for the must have accessory for the autumn season!

Friday, September 25, 2015

New! Men's Ranger Leather Boots

Now that it's fall, we begin thinking of the cooler weather. So along with alot of other goodies being worked on that we be great for this time of year.. we have released the Ranger Leather Boots for Men!

These are sturdy ankle boots in a modern combat style - features buckles, straps, grommets and fantastic stitching detail.

You get two styles - regular with the ankle strap and jeans friendly that will fit a bit better under most pants.  The HUD gives you 31 leathers - some are weathered, worn lovelies that will give you some street creed.

The Ranger Boots are non-rigged mesh - so that means you can resize them to fit your avatar - classic or mesh! (Just remember some mesh avatars, you will want to remove the feet).

Available now - grab a demo to see the detail! Get yours and be ready for Autumn!  Women's version coming soon.

Friday, September 4, 2015

New! "Harness" Leather Pants!

New! Harness Leather Pants - now on sale. Available for women and for men!  Sexy new leather pants featuring full hip & leg harness with straps and buckles.

Women's comes with standards sizes, classic avatar fit mesh and Maitreya Lara compatible fit mesh! HUD gives you 25 leather colors, 25 contrast leathers for the harness and 5 metal options.

Men's comes in standards sizes, new classic avatar fit mesh and SLINK Male body compatible fit mesh! That's right.. one version will work with the brand new SLINK men's mesh body (XXS - MED is our recommendation). HUD gives you 20 leather colors, 23 contrast leathers for the harness and 5 metal options.

AES ( Aesthethic Mesh Avatar) version should be available soon!

Available in free demos - grab you set today!

Friday, August 28, 2015

New Flare Candy Jeans with Belt! Now Maitreya Compatible!

We just updated the very popular Flare Candy jeans with a new build. It now comes with a belt you can turn on or off. 

Additionally, Paul redid rigging and you now get both the new Fitted Mesh Sizes AND Original Rigged Mesh in Standard Sizes : all in the same box!

We have also included fitted mesh that works well with the Maitreya Lara body! That's right.. the Flare Jeans are now Maitreya Lara body compatible.  Other mesh body will probably work as well - limited testing with Belleza Bodies - Venus, Freya, and Isis worked really we for most sizes.

The HUD comes with 42 different color denims. That's like 40+ different jeans in one set.
It also includes 20+ leather textures for the new belt and 5 buckle metal choices.

Note: If you bought the older style Flare Candy Fatpack - you can get a free update! Rezz the updater box included in the original set to get a delivery of the new version.

If you don't have the updater - just contact Isobel Belfire inworld via notecard and request a new copy. Available in world and via MarketPlace - free demo! Fatpack set is only 699L$.

Friday, August 21, 2015

New! Premium Collection - Modern Open Black Tux Suit!

We have had a lot of requests for a suit set that has more color options and includes a set of shoes - so here it is!

Premium Collection - Modern Open Black is the perfect suit set:

*Jacket Combo and Pants in 6 rigged mesh sizes (standard size plus).
*Buckled Loafer shoes in Black (non-rigged and resizable/stretch).
*HUD with 2 black business suit and 2 black tuxedo suit options,
  10 shirt colors, 12 vest options, 14 ties and pocket squares.

You can wear this from the business boardroom to a wedding and never have to buy another suit, AddOn or even shoes.  All this for 1499 L$.

The regular version is shown above - perfect for classic avatars and most average size mesh men's bodies.  We have also released a separate Aesthetic version for use ONLY with the Aesthetic Mesh men's Body by Niramyth.

Demo available so you can see all the color options included in the HUD - grab one to test today!

Perfect for weddings and more!

Friday, August 14, 2015

New! Women's "Denim Cropped" Jeans Jacket

New! Women's "Denim Cropped" Jeans Jacket!

We were promising something very new and here it is! New Cropped style jacket in Denim with Tube Top AddOn.  Paul worked hard to get the jacket and Addon recreated in fitted mesh - so there are Maitreya and Classic Avatar fitmesh options included in the box along with our Standard Size + rigged mesh versions.

Comes with a great HUD of 14 denim textures, 20 tube tops, 18 sequin tube top choices and 5 jacket metal hardware options.

Give the demo a try to check out the new fitmesh fit then grab your set today!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Death Royale Biker Leather Jacket for Women!

The ladies asked for their very own version of the Death Royal jacket in mesh and here it is!

Bonus - it's Maitreya Lara compatible too! Fitted Mesh is included in the set for both Maitreya mesh bodies and Classic avatars! Our standard 8 sizes of rigged mesh (including the busty sizes are also included).

You get our great Urban style leather jacket with Tank Top AddOn along with a fantastic texture HUD that has 15 leather options, 15 tank top choices and 5 leather jacket hardware metals.
The women's version of Death Royale has the same awesome artwork themes as the men - only sized down a bit for the female frame.

Grab you set today: only 599L$! (Demo available if you want to check out the new fitted mesh options included too!)

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

AESTHETIC - Modern Open Tuxedos Hitting the Store!

We know you guys have been patiently waiting for fitted mesh tuxedos made for the Aesthetic Mesh Body by Niramyth. The wait is over!

We are going to be adding in the Modern Open Tuxedo styles over the next week or so and the first option out is our very popular Modern Open Black Tux in the Ocean Special Edition version!

Each Tuxedo comes with fitted mesh Jacket Combo and Dress Pants. The jacket is one piece, a Jacket/Shirt/Tie/Vest/Pocket Square combination. Each Set will also come with a Texture hud to give you many options.

The Tuxedo HUD - Ocean version gives you:
* Jacket Fabric (Plain regular, Trimmed Lapel regular, Silk Trimmed Lapel regular, and Silk Trimmed Lapel dark)
*Pants Fabric (Plain regular, Silk Trimmed regular, Plain dark, and Silk Trimmed dark)
*Vest Fabric (Brocade Ocean, Brocade Royal, Plain Silk Teal, and Plain Royal)
*Tie and Pocket Square Fabric (3 tone Jade, Bold Blue, Black & Silk Dark Jade and Silk Royal)
*Shirt Fabric (White, Noir, Periwinkle, and Lt Jade).

 All this for 799 L$. 

These tuxedos will also be fully compatible with the Modern Tux 2.0 Deluxe AddOn Applier HUDS! So if you have some that you bought for the regular tuxes, you will be able to use them with the new Aesthetic Line as well.

Coming soon - Modern Open White and Modern Open Pinstripe!

Friday, July 17, 2015

AESTHETIC - New Graphics Edition "Cargo Shorts"

New for Aesthetic Mesh Bodies: Graphics Edition Cargo Shorts!

We just released the graphics edition of our very popular cargo shorts - but now in the Aesthetic Body version.

Comes in Fitted mesh created and rigged just for the Aesthetic body along with our popular texture HUD. You get 5 graphic options in two camo styles along with two plain camo fabric options.  Topped off with 8 belt choices, this is the perfect set of shorts to wear through summer and into fall.  Works great with our Classic T-shirts and our Leather Jacket.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Event! Project Limited July 2015!

Project Limited July 2015!   L&B is proud to announce we are again co-sponsors for this Depraved Nation Event!

Since you guys have kept asking for them, the exclusives for L&B are some great new theme jackets:

* Available in three different theme versions: Momento Mori, La Santa Muerte, OR Bandolero.

* Each set will come with one theme plus plain noir and plain pitch options. Also comes with Addon T-shirt with HUD options.

*Available in Men's, Women's OR Aesthetic Body versions.

Please check demos before purchase - we can not refund, replace or send copies to another avatar in case of "mistake" purchases.

There will be no Gift option at the vendor since this is an exclusive event with Limited copies available.

Each set will be sold in a quantity of only 200 copies and each set is 499 L$.

Starts today, July 11th, at 3pm SLT!

Event! N'Zone - new Niramyth Aesthetic Body Event

L&B is proud to announce co-sponsorship of a new event! Open now!

N'Zone will be a monthly event aimed at those AESTHETIC body users looking for some great clothing and items.

This first month is for you to take a look at the event site and check out the designers that are offering AESTHETIC compatible clothing.

Starting next month, (2nd Saturday of each month) will feature a new theme and exclusive items from each designer.

We are excited to be part of this new event and hope you will take a look.

Friday, July 3, 2015

New Flare Jeans w/ Belt - now Maitreya Lara Compatible!

We just updated the very popular Flare jeans with a new build. It now comes with a belt you can turn on or off. 

Additionally, Paul redid rigging and you now get both the new Fitted Mesh Sizes AND Original Rigged Mesh in Standard Sizes : all in the same box!

We have also included fitted mesh that works well with the Maitreya Lara body! That's right.. the Flare Jeans are now Maitreya Lara body compatible.  Other mesh body will probably work as well - limited testing with Belleza Bodies - Venus, Freya, and Isis worked really we for most sizes.

The HUD comes with 7 different denim colors in both plain and "rubbed" versions - along with 6 different pocket options for each. Also included are 20+ leather textures for the new belt and 5 buckle metal choices. That's like 84 different jeans in one set.

Note: If you bought the older style Flare Denim Fatpack - you can get a free update! Starting tomorrow - Rezz the updater box included in the original set to get a delivery of the new version.
If you don't have the updater - just contact Isobel Belfire inworld via notecard and request a new copy.

New! Classic Jeans for Aesthetic Mesh Body

Paul has been working feverishly to get more of our men's products updated for the Aesthetic Mesh Body.

The next one out are the Classic Denim Jeans.  Fitted mesh perfect for the Aesthetic body - comes in three lengths (Regular, Feet, and Tucked).

You get a massive HUD of 10 denim colors with 4 pocket versions each along with the 25 leather belt colors and 5 buckle metal options.  These will work perfectly with our T-shirts and Urban Leather Jacket previously released for the Aesthetic Mesh Body.

That's 40+ jeans for one price!

Grab your set today

Friday, June 26, 2015

New! AESTHETIC - Classic Cargo Shorts

We heard the requests for more pants/short for the Aesthetic body so quickly got these ready.

Fitted mesh only for the Aesthetic Mesh Body - comes with HUD for plain, stripe and camo color options along with belt!

HUD gives you 10 plain fabrics, 4 camo colors, and 6 stripe versions.  Belt comes with different fabric color options and the ability to turn it on and off.

Available as a demo. Works perfectly with our Classic T-shirt and Leather jacket releases for the same body.